Just a quick note to let you know that I think our kitchen looks fabulous!  The floor and cabinets work very well together and the lighting around the cabinets is awesome.  I really couldn't be more pleased.  Just wanted to let you know.  Thanks, Jeff.

                                                                            Marty & Betsy--1/17

We've had Hanzal Con​struction for multiple projects throughout the years (since 2008) and will continue to do so.  We have a very trusting and professional relationship with Jeff!!  We will continue to be a reference for Hanzal Construction.  The absolute "Best" experience from beginning to end!

​                                                                            Jeff and Mary--9/16

We are very pleased with the bathroom remodel.  We had only a vague notion of what we wanted, but you translated it into a very useful and beautiful bathroom.  This is why we are having you do our second bathroom!

​                                                                          Mark & Molly -- 5/16

This project is so awesome, Jeff was detailed and it all went very well.  

​                                                                                       Laura-- 2/16

We are more than pleased with everything from material selection to scheduling.  We are thrilled with the final outcome.

                                                                             Mel and Pat--  1/16                                                                       

We appreciate how easy it was to work with Jeff and everyone working for him.  Any questions or problems were dealt with quickly.  Thank You

~ Betsy 4/15

We continue to be very pleased with the remodel you did for us.  We've had most of our family come through our house over the holidays and they all loved the changes.  Should have done it years ago!

~ Peter 02/14

We greatly appreciate everything you've done for us.  It was a pleasure working with you both!

~Tracy 06/14

Thank you for finishing on time!  Your office is in a good location.  Amy is so friendly and it was helpful to get the schedules by email.

~ Harriet 08/14

Thank you very much for the gift card because of the referral we gave.  It is much appreciated, but not the reason we tell everybody that will listen to us how skilled you are and how great it was to work with you in all stages of the project.

~ Jeff F 10/14

We are very satisfied and pleased with the results.  We will definitely be contacting you in the future...

~ Tim and Diane 09/14

It was a complete pleasure working with you both on my kitchen remodel.  Your attention to detail and high work ethic are really impressive.  Thanks for helping create and build my dream kitchen.  You guys are fantastic to work with!!

~ Missy 03/15

We love it!! Removing that wall was one of the best things we have done. It looks like a new place. You did a fantastic job, great to work with and so professional.

~ Sue and Dan Grant Township

Thanks again for all your efforts to creatively fix our problems. We wish you a continuing business flow for the future.~ Bob and Patti

We want to thank you and Josh for all your hard work and extra effort to get us organized and on our way towards spring. It is always such a delight to work with both of you this past 6 months and will miss seeing your faces everyday. We will highly recommend you to both our friends and family.

~ Bob and Kim


Our Customer's testimonials

Our experience with Hanzal Construction was beyond our expectations...It was a pleasure to work with Jeff, Amy and all your sub contractors.  We still get many compliments.  I still LOVE the bathroom.  I still tell everyone that Jeff and his crew are so neat, I feel like I have to clean house before they come. 

                                                                                              Bob and Pat

​We wanted to thank you again for the successful completion of another remodeling project.  Impressive!  We are extremely grateful for your help, attention to detail, and the personal interest.  We would not hesitate to contact or recommend you for future projects.  You're exceptional.

                                                                         Bernie and Michele--10/17

Jeff is a true professional and his entire team is first class and highly skilled.  We are very pleased, thank you! 

                                                                                 Rick and Mary--08/17

Other than still not having any of our basement furniture delivered things are going well. Everybody who has come over to see the basement, or has seen photos, thinks it looks really cool.

~ Eric and Cheryl

I am sitting here in our living room admiring and enjoying our new carpeting that you and Josh installed yesterday. It's BEAUTIFUL, and we are so happy that we just had to tell you. What a great job you guys did and what a pleasure it has been to have your services! Thanks so much - It could not have been better.We really appreciate your obvious competency and abilities, and the complete job that you did. You did everything a customer could possibly want; from referring us to an excellent carpet supplier (Seestedts), to planning, to a seamless long-length, to being pleasant to deal with, to completing the job expeditiously and professionally, to the cleanup (plus probably a dozen other "goodies" that I didn't see or can't remember). Really...it all was amazing. I didn't think they made workers like you anymore that work with such skill and zeal. You are exceptional.

~ Ken and Jean

Thank you for all your hard workmanship and making sure all is just right.

~ Lynn

Thank you for coming to the rescue twice!

~ Cheryl

We admired the professionalism of your company. The way you sent a formal quote and agreements. We love the new shower and were grateful that you thought highly of your customer with such thoughtfulness. We hope you and your business prosper in the future.

~ Harold & Sue Dellwood

Thank you for your great work. You are the best!

~ Cindi

Thanks for all the work you have done and the times you have helped me out. I am more than pleased with your work.

~ Cheryl

I love my new laundry room! Thank you again!

~ Linda

Thank you so much. We love the basement and use it a lot. My friend was also very impressed with your work on her carpet (so were her neighbors!). We look forward to working with you again!

~ Lynn​

(651) 383-1064

1310 Hwy 96 E Ste 104B White Bear Lake, MN 55110